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Go on… Find your inner sexy

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Welcome to Kokonoona, products for real women with real curves. Find your own Inner Sexy with a selection of Corsets; Waist trainers; Contourwear and Swimsuits that will give your body a shapely silhouette and enhance what Mother Nature gave you.​

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Get 10% off your first purchase with us

More about Kokonoona

Kokonoona is an Online Corset Store that offers first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.

Our wish is that all women of all sizes can find their own unique Inner Sexy.

What’s that you ask?

We all know of a woman who can walk into a room and heads turn. She’s not the most beautiful woman in the room but she has her own Inner Sexy and she’s working it. We all have an innate sexiness, it just has to be coaxed out.

Our Fashion Ready To Wear (RTW) Corsets, Waist Trimmers/Cinchers and Contour shapewear will give you an instant silhouette that you didn’t know was so easy to achieve. Whether you are at the gym; in the privacy of your bedroom; on a fun night out or just out and about – you are going to feel several kilos lighter and sexier in our products.